• Bruno Kramm (KI Bundesverband, Infinite Devices GmbH, Danse Macabre Records)
  • Dr. Tristan Behrens (KI Salon Heilbronn)
  • Vasi Vallis (Infinite Devices)
  • Prof. Doris Aschenbrenner (TU Aalen)
AI & Culture
Medieninhalte • Kunst & Kultur
Solina Tuuli
AI Singer, who writes her own vocal lines, released her first track on all platforms

Electronic music always stands in a tension relationship with new technological revolutions. New wave and synthpop would never have achieved the same success without the first affordable computers, and industrial and hip hop would not have been as stylistically influential without sampling. Artificial intelligence is therefore only a new field of activity for modern electronic musicians, especially since the social upheavals caused by this technology are hardly predictable. The two scene musicians Bruno Kramm (Das Ich) and Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma) have teamed up and are experimenting with artificial intelligence and electronic sound generation. The first sign of this collaboration, with the evocative name „Solina Tuuli“, knows no stylistic boundaries, but always breathes the longing-melancholic mood that both musicians share. „Lost“ is danceable, deep and atmospheric - above all, the touching voice of the female avatar reigns, which on „Lost“ allows you to have a deep listen into the jungle beyond fever dreams.

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